I have always been fascinated by stories that feature a Creepy antagonist that tries to do harm to the innocent.  I could never understand why anyone would do harm to a person, yet alone a child.  The Hero in that story would generally overcome the creepy villain and that is why I always had to finish the story, or finish the movie, in order to get closure.

As a child, I was one of those that had to run to the bed as quick as I could, passing the darkness of the rooms with the lights turned off and onto the bed before I was noticed by the boogeyman, that resided under my bed.  Sometimes I could feel my heart beating out of my chest.  Once I was under the bed covers then I could relax knowing that I was now safe.

My irrational fears as a child of a fictious entity looks meaningless now as an adult, but here I am still fascinated by what might be causing those unexplained bumps in the night.

Are the Boogeymen just fables?

Did you know that Boogeymen stories have been told throughout history and in all corners of the world?  Almost every culture has a storied Boogeyman embedded into its folklore and is told down the generations.  Why do cultures that are thousands of miles apart, who speak totally different languages, talk about similar boogeymen?  Is that just a coincidence or is there more to this than just legend?

From the Wewe Gombel in Indonesia, the Babau in Italy, to the Butzemann stories that are told to children in Germany.  There is a stark similarity to many of these Boogeymen that should not be ignored.  Some Boogeymen supposedly only scare naughty children, some are protectors by attacking the evil people & some are horrible violent entities.  And yes, there are many female Boogeymen stories too.

Were boogeymen just fables told in order to teach children good morals, to make them behave and to install a fear or respect of potential threats?  This would make the child more reliant on the protection of their parents or guardians.  Remember that fear has always been a driver to make people submit to an authority figure.

Welcome to the Boogeymen NFT project where we aim to pay homage to the Boogeymen stories that have been told throughout human history and offer our respect for the unknown.
What does your boogeymen look like?

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Boogeymen Class Identifier

The most rare attribute that your Boogeyman NFT possesses, indicates which class you are in.  (Habitat Background is not factored into the classes). Your unlockable QR code will also show which class you have.

Shadow Class NFT will grant you 1 Entry

  • Face – Alp, Babau, Cuca, Doraijah, Dongola Miso, El Coco, Gaw Gaw, H’Awouahoua, Jumbies, Kappa, La Llorona, Lubia, Orc, Shurale, Tokoloshe, Troll, Yara Ma Yha Who
  • Ears – Abu Shalawlaw, Aswang, Baboulas, Butzemann, Eidolon, Goblin, Gremlin, Imp, Kludde, Krampus, Leprechaun, Ogre, Pixie, Qalupalik, Sack Man, Sarronco, Tata Duende, Vampire, Vodnik
  • Horns – Apparition, Awd Goggie, Babaroga, Banshee, Bauk, Bokkenrijders, Bonhomme Sept Heures, Boogie Woogie, Bunyip, Creepy Crawly, Dragon, Gugol, Ijiraq, Kotgahm, La Tulivieja, Metminwi, Namahage, Pugot Mamu, The Jersey Devil, Wraith, Yacumama


Epic Class NFT will grant you 2 Entries

  • Face – Gurumapa, Nalusa Falaya
  • Ears – Boggart, Cipelahq
  • Horns – Baal, Daemon

Legendary Class
NFT will grant you 5 Entries

  • Face – Alien, Bug Bear 
  • Ears – Abu Rigl Maslukha, Mumus
  • Horns – Kkullas, Wewe Gombel

Mythical Class
NFT will grant you 10 Entries

  • Face – Katallani
  • Ears – Cyborg
  • Horns – Kithkandi

Unique Class
NFT (the 5 Boogeys) will grant you 25 Entries

  • Face – La Loyon, Nymph, Bolman, Mother Hinne, Baba Yaga
  • Ears – Bhoot, Oude Rode Ogen, Tankerbogus, Frau Trude, Tom Dockin
  • Horns – Raw Head, Peg Powler, Hook Man, Rye Mother, Night Huntsman

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