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Boogeymen Class Identifier

The most rare attribute that your Boogeyman NFT possesses, indicates which class you are in.  (Habitat Background is not factored into the classes). Your unlockable QR code will also show which class you have.

Shadow Class NFT will grant you 1 Entry

  • Face – Alp, Babau, Cuca, Doraijah, Dongola Miso, El Coco, Gaw Gaw, H’Awouahoua, Jumbies, Kappa, La Llorona, Lubia, Orc, Shurale, Tokoloshe, Troll, Yara Ma Yha Who
  • Ears – Abu Shalawlaw, Aswang, Baboulas, Butzemann, Eidolon, Goblin, Gremlin, Imp, Kludde, Krampus, Leprechaun, Ogre, Pixie, Qalupalik, Sack Man, Sarronco, Tata Duende, Vampire, Vodnik
  • Horns – Apparition, Awd Goggie, Babaroga, Banshee, Bauk, Bokkenrijders, Bonhomme Sept Heures, Boogie Woogie, Bunyip, Creepy Crawly, Dragon, Gugol, Ijiraq, Kotgahm, La Tulivieja, Metminwi, Namahage, Pugot Mamu, The Jersey Devil, Wraith, Yacumama


Epic Class NFT will grant you 2 Entries

  • Face – Gurumapa, Nalusa Falaya
  • Ears – Boggart, Cipelahq
  • Horns – Baal, Daemon

Legendary Class
NFT will grant you 5 Entries

  • Face – Alien, Bug Bear 
  • Ears – Abu Rigl Maslukha, Mumus
  • Horns – Kkullas, Wewe Gombel

Mythical Class
NFT will grant you 10 Entries

  • Face – Katallani
  • Ears – Cyborg
  • Horns – Kithkandi

Unique Class
NFT (the 5 Boogeys) will grant you 25 Entries

  • Face – La Loyon, Nymph, Bolman, Mother Hinne, Baba Yaga
  • Ears – Bhoot, Oude Rode Ogen, Tankerbogus, Frau Trude, Tom Dockin
  • Horns – Raw Head, Peg Powler, Hook Man, Rye Mother, Night Huntsman

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