Welcome to the Pop Culture revolution of the Boogeymen...

This will be the start of your journey as you trade, collect, play and be in the running to earn SPECTACULAR raffle prizes!  Own your own Boogeymen NFT to unlock all the features, as we leave the shadows and embark to conquer the Pop Culture World!

About Boogeyman

Boogeymen NFTs are a collection of 5,000 individually unique tokens that will be housed on the Ethereum blockchain.  These tokens have been designed with hand drawn stylised components and then randomly generated, to ensure each Boogeymen is completely unique.  They are sure to stand out on any marketplace.  The individual components have been named after the vast Boogeymen stories that have existed throughout history, from all parts of the world.  Don’t Miss Out!


NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which means that it’s a one-of-a-kind digital asset that belongs to you and you only.

We have decided to mint these collectible tokens to Opensea on the Ethereum blockchain initially for the first 1000.  Our website will have the option to mint the remaining

You will need to set up a Wallet in order to trade… we recommend Metamask due to the simple Chrome browser configuration.

Roadmap at a glance

  • Current Status: Mint collection to Opensea (Friday 13th May) – follow us on Twitter
  • Notable Upcoming Alerts: As soon as we sell the initial #1000 NFTs, we will give away 25 Ethereum to a Lucky NFT owner (See Raffle Details)

  • Completed sale of NFT #1001 – #2000 we will raffle off 35 Ethereum
  • Completed sale of NFT #2001 – #3000 we will raffle off 50 Ethereum
  • Stay tuned for more & the earlier you get in, the more raffles you will be entered into.

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“I cannot wait to kick this project off, by raffling off 25 Ethereum to a very lucky NFT holder! Then our prizes only get bigger.”
– Remrant

Boogeymen Class Identifier

The most rare attribute that your Boogeyman NFT possesses, indicates which class you are in.  (Habitat Background is not factored into the classes). Your unlockable QR code will also show which class you have.

Shadow Class NFT will grant you 1 Entry

  • Face – Alp, Babau, Cuca, Doraijah, Dongola Miso, El Coco, Gaw Gaw, H’Awouahoua, Jumbies, Kappa, La Llorona, Lubia, Orc, Shurale, Tokoloshe, Troll, Yara Ma Yha Who
  • Ears – Abu Shalawlaw, Aswang, Baboulas, Butzemann, Eidolon, Goblin, Gremlin, Imp, Kludde, Krampus, Leprechaun, Ogre, Pixie, Qalupalik, Sack Man, Sarronco, Tata Duende, Vampire, Vodnik
  • Horns – Apparition, Awd Goggie, Babaroga, Banshee, Bauk, Bokkenrijders, Bonhomme Sept Heures, Boogie Woogie, Bunyip, Creepy Crawly, Dragon, Gugol, Ijiraq, Kotgahm, La Tulivieja, Metminwi, Namahage, Pugot Mamu, The Jersey Devil, Wraith, Yacumama


Epic Class NFT will grant you 2 Entries

  • Face – Gurumapa, Nalusa Falaya
  • Ears – Boggart, Cipelahq
  • Horns – Baal, Daemon

Legendary Class
NFT will grant you 5 Entries

  • Face – Alien, Bug Bear 
  • Ears – Abu Rigl Maslukha, Mumus
  • Horns – Kkullas, Wewe Gombel

Mythical Class
NFT will grant you 10 Entries

  • Face – Katallani
  • Ears – Cyborg
  • Horns – Kithkandi

Unique Class
NFT (the 5 Boogeys) will grant you 25 Entries

  • Face – La Loyon, Nymph, Bolman, Mother Hinne, Baba Yaga
  • Ears – Bhoot, Oude Rode Ogen, Tankerbogus, Frau Trude, Tom Dockin
  • Horns – Raw Head, Peg Powler, Hook Man, Rye Mother, Night Huntsman

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